About Us

House of Payne Performance has been providing electrical type repairs at the races for over 20 years. Mark Payne and his father Richard are always willing to help with whatever kind of problem that may pop up with your racing operation, and fix it right there at the track at our trailer. We have a stacker full of parts that will help us to handle most any kind of alternator, starter, or wiring problem! That’s right, you won’t have to worry about shipping or getting the part back in time for the next race. This will save you time and money$$. 

  Mark Payne has been doing automotive electrical work for 26 years and knows what can go wrong with electrical systems in a race car, especially when it comes to the starters and alternators! Richard Payne has been active in the drag racing community for more than 41 years. His wealth of knowledge in the drag racing industry is irreplaceable. Richard is the founder of Payne Family Motorsports. Payne Family Motorsports consists of 3 cars. The first being the Top Sportsman 06 Chevy Cavalier.  The second is a 1967 Chevy II for NHRA 10.90 index racing and the 3rd is our Danny Nelson Racecraft Top Dragster In 2020 this racing operation will celebrate 38 years of having fun at the races with the family. dads new paint